Guinea-Bissau's army vows to fight insubordination

Bissau- Guinea-Bissau (PANA) -- Guinea-Bissau's army chief of staff, General Anto nio Indjai, on Tuesday warned that any solder who would refuse to bow to politic a l power would be excluded from the armed forces.
â?From now on, Guinea-Bissau's soldiers will be an example of disciple and resp ect to civilian power.
The soldier should know that he is not above the politici a n; he must totally obey civilian power (and) he who will not respect this will n o longer be part of us,â? he said.
'We can no longer continue to solve problems with our arms in hand.
We shoul d hold dialogue with our fellow politicians.
We should have confidence in oursel v es and in politicians,â? General Injai said to thunderous applause of soldiers a nd politicians who were attending a military ceremony on Wednesday.
He said Guinea-Bissau's soldiers should have the courage to raise their problems before politicians so that solutions can be found to them in an atmosphere of d ialogue.

21 july 2010 20:58:00

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