Guinea-Bissau farmers worry over food shortages

Bissau- Guinea-Bissau (PANA) – The president of the Guinea--Bissau Farmers Association (ANAG), Mama Samba Embalo, Friday told the media here his organisation was worried as the country was running out of food stock.
Embalo appealed to the government of prime minister Martinho Ndafa Kabi, "to approach the development partners of Guinea Bissau for emergency food aid in order to prevent looming food shortage".
"It is 53 days since the rainy season started in Guinea Bissau, but in Bissau it has rained only once, while the other regions have recorded only 5 days of rain.
As rains have become scarce, the farmers can no longer plant their fields," explained Embalo.
"Those who planted have lost their crops to natural disasters," he added.
The leader of the Guinea Bissau farmers blamed the situation on this year's failed cashew nut sales.
"It is urgent to save this new planting season before it is late," he warned.
Embalo said his organisation had sent out about ten technicians into the rural areas to make assessment of the food situation.
"And they unanimously agreed on the prevailing situation of food stock getting depleted day after day," he said.

06 يوليو 2007 19:12:00

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