Guinea-Bissau denies arms trafficking charges

Bissau- Guinea Bissau (PANA) -- Guinea-Bissau's director general of defence policy, Zamora Induta, has denied allegations that the Guinea-Bissau government is involved in the trafficking of arms.
"This allegation is false, dangerous and baseless," Induta told reporters Monday, adding that Guinea-Bissau was engaged in a search for peace in the region.
"I don't even know what type of arms trafficking they are talking about.
The Guinea-Bissau armed forces are not in any way involved in the Casamance conflict.
They are on the border to defend our territorial integrity.
That's all," he said.
The US State Department recently hinted that Guinea Bissau was a country where instability and insecurity prevailed.
A Bissau-based newspaper, Diario, seized the State Department's declaration for its 5 May edition to run a story on the "arms trafficking in Guinea Bissau and the involvement of the Guinea-Bissau armed forces in the Casamance conflict.
" Suspicion has been rife for some years now that the army in Guinea Bissau has been lending support to the rebel Movement of the Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC), which has been fighting a war of independence against the Senegalese government since 1982.

08 may 2001 15:40:00

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