Guinea: IOM supports Guinea to prevent resurgence of Ebola

Conakry, Guinea  (PANA) - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced Friday the launch of a Community Event-Based Surveillance (CEBS) system in Kindia Prefecture, in the south-western region of Guinea, along the border with Sierra Leone, to prevent resurgence of the Ebola virus disease.

In a press statement released Friday, IOM said it put the system in operation on 14 May 2016 in partnership with International Medical Corps (IMC).

This brings to a total of four, the number of prefectures in which IOM is currently implementing the CEBS activities, after the Boke, Forecariah and Dubreka Prefectures.

“The CEBS system is one of the top priorities for the Post-Ebola phase in the Reinforcement of Health Surveillance strategy, elaborated by the Government of Guinea and the National Coordination for the Fight against Ebola,” said Kabla Amihere, IOM Guinea Chief of Mission.

“The objective is to involve the community members in identifying and reporting any suspected cases of Ebola and other epidemic diseases to the competent authorities,” he added.

In setting up a functional CEBS system, IOM succeeded in training and equipping community volunteers and community health agents who notify health professionals of any outbreaks of health epidemics within their communities.

The health professionals in turn channel the information to the appropriate authorities who then respond accordingly.

“Until now, IOM has trained and provided equipment including mobile phones, bags and bicycles to over 880 community health workers and 97 health posts and centres in four prefectures of Guinea,” said Amihere.

He added that by the end of June, eight more prefectures will be covered by the CEBS activities. A total of 3,729 community health workers will be equipped and trained and 293 health posts and health centres, particularly in the border areas, will also receive some equipment.

IOM is one of 10 partners that support the National Coordination for the Fight against Ebola (NCFB) and the Ministry of Health in implementing the Community Event-Based Surveillance.

From March 2015 to May 2016, Guinea has recorded 3,812 confirmed, probable and suspected EVD cases, including 2,543 deaths, indicating a death rate of 66.7 percent.
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