Guinea: Women parliamentarians to struggle against inequalities in Guinea

Conakry, Guinea (PANA) – A forum of 24 women parliamentarians from both the ruling and opposition parties has been created in Guinea to enable them challenge the existing inequalities in Parliament and government, Dr. Zalikatou Diallo, General Secretary of the forum, told PANA here Tuesday.

The 24 women parliamentarians met recently at the initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) at Kindia, about 150 km from Conakry, where they expressed the need to better equip themselves to enable them focus attention on their objectives.

Mrs. Diallo said they discussed the Penal Code, the conventions on all forms of discrimination against women and the law on security.

"We have identified and defined the articles for a better correction in cases where women are discriminated against," she emphasized.

She underlined that correction of inequalities should start at the level of Parliament where the women will suggest the creation of a 13th Commission that will cater for gender and equity.

They will also ask the Social Action Ministry to publish a revised civil code and the transmission of the law on parity in Parliament.

The forum will work in close collaboration and in partnership with other women's organizations and the civil society.

To succeed in their mission, the General Secretary of the Forum said they’ll chose negotiation instead of force.  

Diallo had been excluded from the Party of Hope and National Development (PEDN) of former Prime Minister Lansana Kouyaté, for accepting a parliamentary seat against the wish of her party which condemned what it called “numerous frauds” during the 28 September, 2013, polls.
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