Guinea: NGO demands re-opening of schools in Guinea

Conakry, Guinea (PANA) – Saying that the closure of schools for more than 19 months following the deadly Ebola virus disease had led to children indulging in crimes, the chairman of the Guinean civil forum (FCG), Mr. Ibrahima Balaya Diallo, on Tuesday called for the re-opening of schools.

Speaking at a news conference here, Diallo said that during the period, children were indulging in gambling and other vices when they should be in school.

He warned "if classes are not opened by January 2015, the Guinean civil forum will call out parents, school owners, and teachers to take part in a sit-in in front of Parliament.

"As the head of my household, I am concerned about the future of youths and we call decision-makers, particularly those in charge of education, to open schools so that children will benefit from studies."

Meanwhile, the three ministers in charge of Education had said that it was urgent to take all needed measures before the opening of schools.
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17 december 2014 13:07:10

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