Guinea: EVD remains active in four regions of Guinea

Conakry, Guinea (PANA) – A total of 1,337 people have died from the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or 64 % of the 2,199 affected in Guinea following the outbreak of the disease in January last, official sources told PANA here.

On the other hand, 728 patients have been officially declared “cured”, Dr Sakoba Kéïta said.

However, the disease is still persisting in some localities mainly in Macenta, at about 1,000 km  from the capital where the first case was reported. An EVD treatment centre donated by France is operational in the region.

According to Dr Kéïta, 27 patients are still under treatment in Guéckédou (south) while Macenta has registered 15 confirmed cases.

In the localities of Kérouané and Siguiri (east), five and four cases respectively have been reported. No new case has been recorded in the 33 other prefectures of the country.

Dr. Kéïta said earlier affected by EVD, the localities of Boké, Pita, Dalaba and Téliméli have not registered any new case in the last 42 days.

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