Growing calls in SA for “racist” minister to resign

Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) - South Africa's Young Communist League (YCL) on Monday called for the resignation of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Deputy Minister Pieter Mulder to resign, saying President Jacob Zuma should sack him if he fails to quit.

Mulder has sparked a national outcry over the comments he made in the National Assembly in Cape Town.

The Freedom Front Plus leader said black Africans do not have a legal and historic claim to about 40% of South Africa's land because they migrated from northern Africa.

"There is sufficient proof that there were no Bantu-speaking people in the western and northwestern Cape," he said, while expressing concern that government now believed in the nationalization of agricultural land.

“The problem is the disastrous way land reform is being applied,” he added.

YCL Secretary Buti Manamela slammed Mulder’s efforts “to try to rewrite history”.

“The fact is that land was seized violently and through bloodshed, and ultimately legislated in 1913, leaving Africans with no choice but to subject themselves to wage exploitation in the mining industry," he said.

President Zuma last week rebuked Mulder, warning him to tread carefully on the issue of land and not make comments that were  “careless” and “callous”.
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20 février 2012 11:32:53

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