Group on Guinea denounces "lack of progress" towards constitutional order

Sirte- Libya (PANA) -- The International Contact Group on Guinea (GICG) has expressed its concern over the lack of progress towards the restoration of constitutional order and the holding of elections in Guinea in 2009, according to a GICG statement made available to PANA here Sunday.
The 44th meeting of the GICG held Saturday in Sirte, Libya, on the political situation in Guinea, where the military that has been ruling the country since 23 December 2008 is taking a long time to convene the electoral college, emphasised the lack of political dialogue among the stakeholders in the transiti on, saying it could undermine the country's return to constitutional order.
The meeting was held under the co-chairmanship of the President of the African Union Commission(AUC), Jean Ping, and the President of the Commission of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Mohamed Ibn Chambas.
The group noted the non-establishment of the National Transitional Council (CNT) , which should have been in place since March 2009, because of differences regarding its composition and status.
Other deadlocks were also identified, including the cessation of the review of v oters' register; the deterioration of the security situation, the violation of human rights (arbi trary arrests and detentions) and the restrictions to freedom of expression and association, particularly the refusal of political parties' access to the state-owned media.
The group also noted the worsening economic and financial situation in the count ry as well as the lack of an environment conducive for investment and economic activities.
In the face of such a situation, the group stressed the need to relaunch dialogu e aimed at holding elections before the end of 2009, and a formal commitment by the President and members of the ruling Nati onal Council for Democracy and Development (CNDD power), as well as the Prime Minister, not to stand for the forthcoming legislative and presidential polls.
It also advocated respect for human rights and the release of the state's contri bution to the holding of elections.
"The Contact Group looks forward to the outcome of the meeting of the AU Council for Peace and Security, slated for July, to review the situation in Guinea, in light of the latest developments in this country and the expiration, since 24 June, of the 6-month period of time provided by the Lomé Declaration, with a view to restoring constitutional order," the statement said.
A meting of the Contact Group at political level is slated for 16-17 July in Con akry, to obtain clear commitments by the CNDD on the time frame for a return to constitutional order.

28 Junho 2009 18:43:00

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