Group launches report on women, media

Dakar- Senegal (PANA) -- The gender-based group, Inter-African Network for Women, Media, Gender and Development (FAMEDEV), on Wednesday launched the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) report at the organization’s office in Dakar, Senegal.
The report, with an English theme: “Who makes the news?” is also done in French and Portuguese and was coordinated by the Canada-based World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) at global level.
The Dakar-based FAMEDEV office, a partner association of WACC and Media Monitoring Africa, coordinated the sub-regional monitoring exercise as well as “GMMP Senegal.
” Medoune Secka, FAMEDEV’s Director for Administration and Finance, addressing the gathering, gave an overview and analysis of the GMMP 2010 Report.
Secka gave a rundown of facts and figures on the situation of women and media especially as it related to Senegal.
The launching ceremony also took the form of interactive exchange between journalists and members of the high table, including the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Director for Africa, Gabriel Gbaglo.
Gbaglo said the women in Africa needed to be empowered and equipped with knowledge and skills for them to compete with their male counterparts in all spheres of life including the field of journalism and other media works.
Meanwhile, GMMP conducted monitoring of 1,365 newspapers, radio, television and internet sites, totalling 17,795 reportages on 38,253 persons in the news from 108 countries, representing 82 per cent of world population.
It was discovered that women are still greatly under-represented and poorly represented in the coverage by the news media.

30 september 2010 17:15:00

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