Govt bans primate meat eating in north-western Congo

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- The government in Kinshasa has banned the consumption of primate (gorilla and chimpanzee) meat in the Western Basin region of Congo at the border with Gabon where the Ebola haemorrhagic fever is raging.
Health and Humanitarian Action Minister, Dr.
Leon Alfred Opimbat, announced the ban Tuesday, saying health officials suspect the apes of being the main carriers of the haemorrhagic fever in that forest region.
"People in this region are strictly forbidden to eat the meat of primates found dead in the forest or recently killed," Opimbat warned, pointed out that most Ebola victims developed the disease after eating such meat.
Provisional official figures reveal that 13 people have died of Ebola fever that broke over the past three months in the environs of Mbomo.
The death of six persons from a disease having similar symptoms like those of Ebola was reported last week at Kelle hospital, more than 150km from Mbomo.
The director of the anti-Ebola programme in Congo, Dr.
Stanislas Ebata Mongo corroborated that most victims of the disease reportedly consumed meat from primates that were found dead or recently killed.

06 february 2002 16:05:00

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