Government denies involvement in fighting

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- DR Congo Press and Information minister Kikaya Bin Karubi has refuted allegations that government forces (FAC) were involved in recent fighting in the eastern town of Kindu.
Speaking Monday on a foreign radio station, Kikaya blamed the allegations on Rwanda, charging that the neighbouring country was intent on derailing the Inter-Congolese dialogue and preventing the return of lasting peace in the Great Lakes region.
The minister reiterated the Kinshasa government's support for 'patriotic forces' including the Maï-Maï militia, who reportedly launched the attacks in Kindu.
He insisted it was the Maï-Maï, and not government forces, that were involved in the latest fighting.
Kikaya said government forces remained compliant with the cease-fire agreed within the framework of the Lusaka accords.

02 october 2001 23:42:00

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