Global fund grants 91b F CFA to Mali against AIDS

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- Mali and the Global AIDS Control Fund Monday signed an agreement in Bamako totalling about 91 billion F CFA (9.
82 million euros) as part of the implementation of the National Strategic Framework (CSN) to fight AIDS over the period 6002-.
0102 The programme, whose beneficiaries are the Supreme National Aids Control Council in Mali and the "Groupe Pivot", a civil society organisation, will contribute to the strengthening of the prevention of sexual transmission in vulnerable groups.
The document was signed by the Executive Secretary of the Global AIDS Control Fund, Michel Kazatchkine, and the Executive Secretary of the Supreme AIDS Control Council in Mali, Malick Sène.
It will target 14,000 sex workers and their clients, as many young workers of the transport and mining sectors, 21,000 migrant girls, 93,000 young seasonal workers and 500,000 students from formal and informal education circles.
In addition, the aid will help ensure 480,000 voluntary screening tests nation-wide and regionally, whereas some 520,000 pregnant women will be screened.
The programme will also fund the establishment of 90 new management sites and help increase the number of people living with HIV under anti-retroviral therapy to 37,339 from 23,333 in September 2009.
The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Mali is currently estimated at 1.
3% as against 1.
7% two years ago.
The prevalence is extremely high in some categories considered as high-risk ones such as sex workers(35.
3%), lorry drivers and transport-related trades and household workers.
The implementation of the programme is expected to help maintain this rate of sero-prevalence within the general population at a level below 1.
3% and to reduce morbidity and mortality related to the scourge.

05 january 2010 12:11:00

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