Global Fund strengthens efforts to prevent corruption

Lusaka- Zambia (PANA) -- The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria announced Friday that it would issue a code of conduct within the coming weeks f o r all suppliers of goods and services in an effort to prevent, detect and sancti o n anyone involved in misuse of its financing.
The Fund also said it would step up its work with other major financiers of medi cal commodities in the coming months to reduce the risk of corruption and increa s e the levels of transparency and efficiency, in order to ensure effective use of donor resources in the fight against the three diseases.
"The Global Fund has a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption and we have repe atedly taken firm and public action against any grantees and suppliers when ther e is evidence that our funding has been misused," Michel Kazatchkine, executive d i rector of the Global Fund, said in the statement.
According to Kazatchkine: “We will work closely with the other leading funders o f global health programs to reduce the risk of misuse of money earmarked by dono r s to save lives.
" The Fund said it would also clarify and communicate its policy on sanctions agai nst suppliers and that the policy would set out the actions that the Global Fund could take when there was evidence that the Code had been breached.
The Global Fund is the world's largest financier of programmes fighting AIDS, tu berculosis and malaria, with a total of US$ 15.
6 billion approved for programmes in 140 countries and with expected disbursements of US$ 2.
9 billion in 2009.
The Global Fund finances nearly a quarter of all international spending on AIDS and two thirds of global spending on malaria and TB.
Nearly half of its funding i s spent on procurements of drugs, bed nets against malaria, medical equipment an d other commodities.

01 may 2009 14:25:00

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