Ghanaian newspaper takes shot at OAU performance

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- Ghana's biggest selling newspaper, the State-owned Daily Graphic, has questioned whether the Organisation of African Unity came any close to realising its objectives.
"Today, 38 years after the laudable action of the founding fathers, the question is whether the fundamental objective is any closer to realising such a lofty dream," the Daily Graphic asked in an editorial on the state of union process.
The paper said it was clear that the integration and unification of the continent as envisaged by the founding fathers remain far from being attained, positive steps in that direction notwithstanding.
"Even the most optimistic and zealous apologist of the drive for continental unity would attest to the fact that the continent still remains badly fragmented, weak and lacks a cohesive, well coordinated and purposeful front.
" The paper doubts the commitment of African leaders to the unification of the continent, noting there is a lot of suspicion and mistrust among them.
"African leaders appear to have been more preoccupied with the protection and promotion of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of their states and their personal power ambitions than working to break down artificial colonial barriers and other neo- colonial vestiges," the paper charged.
In its diatribe, The Graphic said this lack of cohesion, stability and a common front has contributed substantially to undermining the OAU as the spokesman for the continent and largely reduced it to a talk shop for African leaders.
The paper alluded to the "deep-seated commitment and dedication" of European countries to overcoming their differences and working to improve the quality of life for their people, and said African leaders could take a lesson from the Old Continent.

25 may 2001 12:22:00

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