Ghanaian doctor warns AIDS patients off spiritual healers

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- A Ghanaian medical doctor has cautioned patients against turning to spiritual healers, warning that such clerics do not have the cure for HIV/AIDS.
Dr Divine Apaloo told worshipers last Sunday at the Evangelical Presbyterian Church at Koforidua that besides, "known drugs only prolong the lives of AIDS patients.
" An estimated 600,000 Ghanaians are living with HIV/AIDS in a population of about 18 million.
Priority interventions in the country have focused on the promotion of safe sex, use of condoms, improved management of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and safe blood.
Other measures are infection control, prevention of mother- to-child transmission, voluntary counselling and testing, nursing/clinical care and counselling and home-based care.
Despite these strategies, however, average adult prevalence rose from 2.
4 per cent in 1994 to 4.
6 per cent in 1999, necessitating a review of approaches.
Dr Apaloo also said the public should be wary of herbal medicines, which have not been scientifically tested even though herbalists claim could cure the disease.

18 june 2001 16:31:00

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