Ghana to host panel centre on airworthiness

Accra- Ghana (PANA) -- Ghana has been selected as headquarters of the Airworthiness Panel Centre that will coordinate the promotion and implementation of aviation safety oversight across Africa.
Former Director of Safety Regulations at the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Asare Buotu, would head the centre as interim secretary.
A 14-point resolution adopted here Wednesday at the end of a weeklong International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) regional seminar on aircraft safety recommended that the centre be made up of a panel of experts in aircraft worthiness.
The experts would be responsible for setting up a forum for continuous information on airworthiness and aircraft maintenance through a web page, providing a list of aircraft maintenance organisations.
The seminar was attended by about 70 participants from some ten West and Central African countries.
Participants included stakeholders in the aviation industry as well as officials from ICAO and the US Federal Aviation Authority.
The seminar was aimed at developing within civil aviation authorities in Africa, capabilities in the fundamental and technical specialities of airworthiness of safety of aircraft.
According to the resolution, the centre would also develop a common aircraft register for the African continent as well as establish a mode of handling ageing aircraft, particularly from the economic standpoint.

21 mai 2003 16:15:00

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