Ghana: Former Ghana President Rawlings lashes out at West for Syria missile strikes

Accra, Ghana (PANA) - Ghana's former president Jerry John Rawlings has lashed out at the West following last week's missile strikes against Syria describing it another display of the military might of the United States.

In an article entitled "The Immorality of International Politics", he noted that the United States justified the strikes by saying it believed the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was behind a chemical weapons attack on an opposition stronghold in Syria earlier in the week.

However, Rawlings said, "The action of the United States raises serious questions of justification and the real motives behind the positions taken by the world’s super powers on Syria", adding "The pattern of behaviour only goes to perpetuate the immorality of international politics."

"When these dastardly scenes of chemical warfare were being given their usual high publicity in the Western media it was quite obvious that it was designed to poison the atmosphere against the Assad regime."

"The US pulled this con at the UN before invading Iraq. This time it’s Syria," he added.

Former President Rawlings said the Syrian armed forces, with Russian support had been able to degrade and defeat so many ISIS targets and rebels and asked how an armed force "with victory on a threshold could conceive of such madness as to dump chemical weapons at innocent civilians and children".

He noted that not too long ago the West looked away, the media kept quiet while the Yemeni were being bombed and starved of food and water. Vessels bringing aid (food and water) were blocked and children were left looking emaciated in scenes straight out of the holocaust.

"Some of these Western countries must regain or reset their own internal moral compasses before embarking on such adventures," Rawlings said.

He said Russia’s effort to assist the Syrian government set the West to attack her economy with sanctions and the reduction of the price of oil in a bid to cripple her.

"The audaciousness to embark on this fraudulent behaviour (and to follow up to this extent) can only happen as a result of the extent of decline of international morality and it is a manifestation of the decay in the quality of leadership in some parts of the world."

Rawlings called for an independent body involving neutral states to investigate where these chemicals came from. "This body must be free from the influence of the accusers and must carefully investigate and expose the real perpetrators. Then and only then can the world know who the real hidden perpetrators are."
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