Ghana: Fight against AIDS achieves 'remarkable' results

Dakar, Senegal (PANA) – Ghana has achieved "remarkable" results in the fight against AIDS, the National Youth Coordinator of Ghana, Ras Mubarak, said on Wednesday.

''We have achieved remarkable results, thanks to the government's commitment and awareness campaigns which are regularly organised within the country. Ghana mobilized immediately the first cases of the disease appeared," he told PANA on the fringes of deliberations on the third day of the Fourth Pan-African Summit of UN Young Leaders which will end on Friday.

According to Ghana and UNAIDS statistics, adult infection rate decreased by 66% in 2012, death caused by AIDS declined by 30% and mother/child transmission was down by 76%.

"We also registered a fall of 76% of new infections and 40 per cent of the use of condom," Mr Mubarak added.

However, he deplored the lukewarm attitude of the people for voluntary counselling and testing which was a mere 5.6% in 2012.

"We should intensify our efforts to consolidate what we have achieved and reduce theprevalence of the disease," he said, while welcoming the commitment of the authorities and mobilization of the youth to fight against AIDS.

''President John Dramani Mahama has involved himself personally in the fight against AIDS... Youth associations are also mobilized to increase awareness and fight against the disease," Mr Mubarak said.

15 يناير 2014 22:37:28

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