Germany offers US$ 93,000 to Angola to fight HIV/AIDS

Ondjiva- Angola (PANA) -- The German government has provided about US$ 93,000 for the HIV/AIDS Prevention and Awareness Project in the Angolan districts of Kwanh a ma and Namacunde.
The project is being carried out by the Association for the Promotion of Communi ty Development (Mafiku) and targets sex workers through awareness and condom del i very to reduce the stigma and discrimination against people living with the dise a se and the mitigation of the deadly virus.
According to the coordinator of the association, Domingas Chilombo Simba, the pr oject is also aimed at getting women undergo voluntary testing and psychological attendance to people infected with HIV/AIDS.
Chilombo said the project would target about 100,000 people in nine months.

23 july 2010 18:53:00

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