German lab finds suspended Algerian athlete innocent

Tunis- Tunisia (PANA) -- Results from a Cologne laboratory, where a second expert opinion was sought on the suspension of Algerian athlete Ali Saidi-Sief for doping, suggest the athlete was innocent, authorities in Algiers said.
At a press conference, Algerian Athletics Federation (FAA) president Kamel Magnounif said the results from Cologne "prove once again the Algerian champion's honesty," adding that "the medicine taken by Saidi-Sief with Dr Pavel's approval was nothing but Peruvat, a food complement".
Also speaking at the press conference, FAA doctor Brahim Baba, said "the presence of nandrolone, a banned substance by the IAAF, is not mentioned in the composition of Peruvat," adding that legal action would be taken against the manufacturer of the drug.
Magnounif explained that two volunteers took Peruvat and the analyses on samples from them gave the same results as those of Saidi-Sief.
He said the outcome now increases prospects of diminishing, if not lifting the sanctions against the Algerian athlete.
"The Algerian athlete doesn't need to take performance enhancing drugs to win," Magnounif asserted, saying he now looked forward with serenity to the final decision the IAAF would make on 8 November.
The IAAF slammed a two-year suspension on Ali Saidi-Sief, 5000 m silver medallist at the World Championships of Edmonton, after he tested positive for nandrolone the day of the final.

20 september 2001 22:39:00

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