Gbagbo supporters demonstrate in France

Paris- France (PANA) -- A group of Ivorians Sunday in Paris expressed their support to President Laurent Gbagbo, whose country has been experiencing an armed rebellion since 19 September.
The demonstrators, who answered a call by the Collective of Ivorian Citizens in France (CCF), chanted slogans hostile to the Marcoussis peace agreement signed on 23 January by 32 delegates representing the government, seven political parties and three rebel movements in Cote d'Ivoire.
"We have come here to show our full support to President Gbagbo and tell him that we fully approve all that he said in his television address Friday night," said Damana Picas, one of the organisers of the march.
In his address to the nation, Gbagbo promised to observe "the spirit" of the Marcoussis agreement, adding that he will continue assuming all his prerogatives under the Ivorian Constitution.
He also confirmed the appointment of Seydou Elimane Diarra as the new prime minister in the national reconciliation government whose mission, under the Marcoussis agreement, will be to revise the Constitution, re-examine the land law and make arrangements for future elections.
"We share President Gbagbo's analysis regarding the primacy of the Constitution over the Marcoussis agreements.
We are fully with him when he says that every time there is a problem in the implementation of Marcoussis, he will refer to the Constitution," Picas added.

10 february 2003 12:19:00

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