Gambian leader discharges 'treated' HIV/AIDS patients

Banjul- Gambia (PANA) -- Gambian leader Yahya Jammeh, the self-accclaimed herbal doctor of the Presidential Treatment Programme (PTP), has discharged 41 treated H IV/AIDS patients out of the total of 46 who entered the sixth batch of his treat m ent programme on 12 February in his home town of Kainalia in the country's Western region.
Addressing the discharged patients, President Jammeh renewed gratitude to God fo r showing him the way in getting rid of one of the worst scourges in human histo r y - the HIV/AIDS virus.
''As I stand here before you, I am confident that any so-called incurable diseas e that I concentrate on, by the grace of the Almighty Allah, I will be able to cure it,'' he declared.
The President cautioned the treated and discharged patients to be very sensitive now that they have their health restored, warning them that getting rid of the virus in their system is no vaccination against being re-infected.
He also advised them to ensure that their partners, who are HIV positive and are yet to undergo his treatment, do so in order to avoid re-infection.
Dr Tamsir Mbowe, the director general of the PTP and chief medical director of t he Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH), reminded the gathering that since the inception of the PTP on 17 January 2007, thousands of different p atients from within and outside the country have benefited from the treatment.
According to the PTP, the patients were discharged after an intensive treatment that resulted in the successful cleansing of the virus from their systems after four months.
No independent medical evaluation of the treatment and its effectiveness has bee n carried out, raising fears of its genuineness.
There is yet no known cure for HIV/AIDS

13 july 2010 10:46:00

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