Gambian leader continues ‘fertility treatment’

Banjul, Gambia (PANA) – Gambian president Yahya Jammeh is continuing his “fertility treatment” with the admission of the 8th batch of 101 patients to be administered with his medication.

Under the President’s Alternative Treatment Programme (PATP), the Gambian leader would confirm the 8th batch of patients as “treatment and discharged” in his home town, Kanilai, within one week, the Daily Observer newspaper reported on Friday.

The fertility treatment, like other components of PATP, is being bankrolled solely by the Gambian leader, who offers the treatment free of charge.

Addressing the patients before the treatment commenced, president Jammeh reminded them that they would be confined in Kanilai purposely for the treatment and as such they must not portray negative attitudes towards each other or engage in activities that had no business with the treatment, especially intolerance or quarrelling.

He also advised the patients to desist from “petty talk” during the treatment and concentrate on taking their medication, while craving their indulgence to be faithful and know that the uneasy experience that they had gone through was destined to happen to them.

“What I can tell you is in my treatment I seek the blessings of God and with His grace you will conceive as it is only Him who gives and refuses one a child. I know that you have long since been hearing all sorts of words, but such is the experience that God destined that you must go through.”

President Jammeh also told the patients that undergoing the treatment did not in any way mean that they would conceive immediately, maintaining that it was only God that blessed one with a child.

“You may take this medicine and within one week you will be pregnant or within one month or months. But you may also take this medicine and you are not being able to be pregnant even for two years, that is God’s grace.

“So do not be discouraged if you hear that one of your fellow batch mates became pregnant earlier even though you all took the medication at the same time. But what is important is that if you take my medication, no matter how long it takes, by the grace of God you will conceive.”

President Jammeh also warned the patients undergoing his fertility treatment not to take any other medication.

He told the patients to report to the officials of the treatment programme when they became pregnant for further guidance to avert avoidable complications.
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