Gambian Bishop Vows to work with all religious leaders

Banjul, Gambia (PANA) - Newly-appointed Catholic Bishop of Banjul, Gabriel Mendy, onTuesday called on President Adama Barrow at State House, Banjul, assuring of his support and willingness to work with all religious leaders to promote peace and human dignity.  

He said the Catholic Diocese is committed to the development in The Gambia and has served in the education, health and rural development sectors.  

Mendy pledged to spread the voice of peace and reconciliation through civic education and encouraged all to ensure stability and peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims, which he described as unique characteristic of Gambians.

Outgoing Bishop of Banjul, Robert Ellison, recalled the support to President Barrow as promotion of democracy and urged him to uphold the Constitution and unite the people.

He called on the religious leaders to partner to deliver for the common good. Bishop Ellison said even though The Gambia is a predominantly Muslim country, there is respect and understanding between Muslims and Christians.

He added that the country is a place of hope for interfaith coexistence and would encourage tourists to visit the Gambia.

Fisheries Minister, James Gomez, said The Gambia is going back to what it is known for, peace and tolerance, as well as accepting each other under President Barrow’s leadership.

He noted that the presence of Christians in the Barrow cabinet is a demonstration that all citizens have equal rights and can achieve any position no matter their religious background.  

He reiterated that all should take responsibility to promote peace and good neighbourliness.

President Barrow said Gambians are proud that for the first time a Gambian has been ordained Bishop and appreciated Bishop Mendy’s achievements.

The president also thanked the outgoing Bishop Ellison for his service to the country and the bravery he demonstrated to support him during the impasse, which manifested the support of the Christian community.  

President Barrow emphasised that Muslims and Christians in The Gambia have been living peaceful together. He called on religious leaders to continue to preach peace, good citizenship and unity.  
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06 Março 2018 15:47:21

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