Gambia expels Casamance refugees

Ziguinchor- Senegal (PANA) -- Gambia Saturday expelled hundreds of Senegalese nationals who had sought refuge there from the fighting in Senegal's southern Province of Casamance between government forces and separatists.
The move by the authorities in Gambia comes on the heels of a similar decision by Guinea-Bissau to send Casamance refugees home.
Sources in Ziguinchor (chief town of Casamance) intimated that the Gambians acted out of apprehensions about the refugee population expanding in their territory.
Reports said humanitarian organisations based in Ziguinchor were, in collaboration with the regional authorities, making arrangement for a safe return of the refugees.
Humanitarian sources affirmed that close to 6,000 people from Casamance now live in the Gambia where they receive no assistance.

16 june 2001 18:53:00

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