Gambia President denies HIV/AIDS cure claim

Banjul- Gambia (PANA) -- Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has denied ever saying he can cure HIV/AIDS, but noted he could treat the incurable disease and prolong the lives of those living with it.
"I never said, I can cure AIDS, all what I said is (that) I treat AIDS and get rid of the virus," the President said at the state house, where he announced the laboratory results of patients currently receiving his HIV/AIDS treatment.
Reports quoting the President as saying he could cure the disease have generated widespread condemnation, especially because no known cure has been found for the epidemic, which has ravaged sub-Saharan Africa.
In seeking to douse the controversy, however, President Jammeh started another when he claimed he could treat several diseases so far believed to be incurable.
Saying he wants to be known and addressed as "Medical Myth Buster (MMB)", the President announced he had come up with "surprise treatments" for asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes.
He also said a spin-off from his ongoing treatment of such diseases had been the "accidental discovery of an effective cure for infertility".
Jammeh said the treatment for infertility was now available in the country and urged interested persons to contact the Health Minister.
"Come end of December 2007 or early in January 2008, Yahya Jammeh will start treating cancer", the President boasted.

06 november 2007 08:31:00

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