Gambia: Popular activist, Aminata Manneh, missing

Banjul, Gambia (PANA) - Aminata Manneh, a coordinator of Thing Young Women (TYW), went missing since Tuesday, after she exposed a police officer beating a school girl in the streets, according to family sources.

Ms. Manneh, also known as ‘Minah’, is a third-year student of the University of The Gambia and a gender activist. She is also an intern at the American Corner along Kairaba Avenue.

While on her way to work, she came across a “highly disturbing scene” of a Gambian police officer repeatedly beating a young girl of about 10 years of age with a cane, PANA report here.

She recorded the scene on video and shared it with her over 4,500 followers on Facebook, saying: “This is a total child rights violation. Since when does a traffic police officer have a right to lay a hand on a young schoolgirl? What has become of our authorities?"

The video went viral and attracted rage on social media, before reports began to circulate that Aminata has gone missing.

Minah is one of most vibrant members and her passion for promoting the respect of the rights of women and girls shines forth in everything at Thing Young Women.

An anonymous family member told PANA on Sunday that Aminata may have “gone into hiding or fled the country” following phone calls and Facebook inbox messages sent to her of people demanding to meet her urgently.

PANA gathered from family sources, who confirmed her disappearance, that they will report the matter to the police on Monday,

Assistant Superintendent of Police, David Kujabi, told PANA on Sunday his office has not received any information about Aminata Manneh being either arrested or going into hiding.
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