Gambia: Gambian govt. cracks down on opposition voices, media

Banjul, Gambia (PANA) - The Gambian government has launched a massive crackdown on opposition voices, arresting opposition members and closing down an independent radio station, Tanraga FM radio, PANA reported here Monday.

Opposition stalwart Daba Muhammed Kuyateh was arrested Sunday from his home in Bakoteh and he is currently detained at the headquarters of the National Intelligent Agency (NIA).

Sam Sarr, managing editor of the independent Foroyaa newspaper, confirmed the closing of Tanraga FM radio in a chat with PANA Monday.  

The crackdown followed the posting of bills on the streets of Banjul and the printing of T-shirt with the wording #Gambia Has Decided by opposition members.

The NIA has threatened to arrest the #Gambia Has Decided campaign crew and sympathizers, sources told PANA in the commercial city of Serrekunda.

Eyeswitness told PANA that military personnel were deployed to the streets in Serrekunda, removing  the posters and even going after youths in their home.

PANA reports that Tanraga FM radio has suffered various harassment under the   government of President Yahya Jammeh. It was shut down about four times before now and the managing director, Alhagi Ceesay.

No reason has been advanced for the shutting the station.

“We must not allow this to happen. We must not allow our freedom to be reversed by criminals under the cover of the NIA. Put on your #GambiaHasDeceided T-shirts and carry your flags because the Gambia has decided," Madi Jorbateh, programe officer at The Gambia non-governmental organization (TANGO), said.

He added: “The Gambia has decided and no force on earth can stop that. All Gambians at home and abroad must stand up strong and determined that we will not allow our hard-won freedom to be destroyed or reversed."
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