Gambia: Gambia Interior minister denies invasion threat

Banjul, Gambia (PANA) - The Gambian Minister of Interior, Mai Ahmed Fatty, has dismissed reports that former President Yahya Jammeh loyalist force is allegedly planning to attack The Gambia.

“There is no invasion force coming into this country. And if anyone thinks our security is delicate and wants to break through it, we will totally ruin the person,” Fatty told National Assembly members on Monday during a question and answer session.

He assured law makers that the government is taking the security of the country very seriously, saying that the security of the country is intact.

Fatty called on the National Assembly to consider increasing the budget allocation to his ministry as the most urgent priority in the country is security.

He added that the security forces, particularly the police, must be adequately equipped to maintain peace and stability in the country, saying the idea of cutting down the security vote is not wise.

Fatty commended the sacrifices made by the country’s security forces under the compelling circumstances they worked.

According to him, the plight of the police force is not encouraging, saying many of them only have one uniform which they have to wash overnight to wear the following day and a pair of shoes which they bought for themselves.
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10 يوليو 2017 14:15:23

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