Gambia: Empowerment of women, a major priority - says GAMCOTRAP

Banjul, Gambia (PANA) - The empowerment of women has long been a major priority for women rights group, Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children (GAMCOTRAP), Banjul area Head office, according to May Small, the acting executive director of the organization.

GAMCOTRAP stands by women in the Gambia and around the globe on Wednesday to commemorate international women day (IWD) with the theme “Be Bold for the Change”.

According to Small, Gambia is witnessing participating in governance and making sure that they are involved in decisions that affect their lives, saying that this also includes rural women for their participation in community outreach programmes and structures at the local level.

"There are more women in work, more women in the security forces, and more women active in politics or in top positions in the Gambia than ever before," she noted

She said that despite these gains the government has much more to do to truly realize the hope and vision of the vulnerable and the marginalized.

Small added: “Our major constraints include gender inequalities, cultural practices and perceptions, adolescent sexuality, women’s sexual and reproductive health needs, high illiteracy level  of women, and the under representation of women in politics and among other."

She urged that these must be addressed in order to achieve sustainable and equitable development, noting that these can only be addressed through partnership at different levels between women and men, girls and boys as well as partnerships between sectors and actors in the development process.  
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08 march 2017 19:05:21

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