Gambia: British holiday makers join authorities to salvage tourism season

Banjul, Gambia (PANA) - Scores of British tourists currently on holidays in The Gambia have joined the authorities to salvage the tourism season, assuring potential tourists that “The Gambia is Ebola free.”

In interviews, conducted by PANA on Friday, the British tourists said there was no sign of Ebola in the country and there was no point for tourists to fear contracting the disease if they came to the country.

Janet and Leroy Smith, residents of Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK, said that media reports in the UK tended to portray West Africa as a region inflicted with Ebola.

“Back home, the media are sounding like there is Ebola all over West Africa. In fact, some of our friends have advised us not to come for holidays because they felt that there was Ebola in this country.

“We always come for holidays here and we always like it here and we are more than convinced that there is no Ebola here,” Janet Smith said.

The couple noted with deep sorrow that very few tourists visited the country this year due to the fear of Ebola, adding that many Gambians depended on tourism for their means of survival as well as the economy of the country for which tourism contributed over 16%GDP.

They said they had visited the country four times since their first visit in 2003 and would stay until March next year.

They said: “Gambia is free from Ebola; we realize this through the information we garnered from the Internet as well as our friends living in the country and we are more than convinced that there is no Ebola here and it’s safe for us to come once again."

Paulene and Richard Good from Suffolk, UK, also said: “We made our bookings in January and when we heard of Ebola we made our investigations and realized that there is no Ebola in The Gambia. This country has been our holiday home for more than 25 years.”
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