Gaddafi dreams of common â?spaceâ? for Libya, Chad and Sudan

Tripoli- Libya (PANA) -- The Libyan leader Mouammar Kadhafi says it is his wish t o see Chad, Libya and Sudan have a common â?spaceâ? of freedom of movement for their people as well as trade and fraternity.
Gaddafi, who is also the chairman of the African Union, was speaking on Sunday e vening with a delegation of the Equality and Justice Movement (JEM) from Darfur.
He affirmed that the movements of populations from the Sudanese province of Darf ur to Libya, and vice versa, rendered â?null and void borders as well as differences of identity and built a bridge for the interpenetration of peoples from neighbou r ing countriesâ?.
Mentioning the geographical situation in Darfur, which is partly limited by East ern Chad and one part of Southern Libya, Gaddafi said the people of Darfur â?are neither people in love with war nor highway bandits but are recognized tribes, p ious and good Muslimsâ?.
He called for peace and stability in Darfur, which alone can give them â?the op portunity to go and fetch water, pastures, undertake agricultural activities, as well as the exploration of mining resources, that is to say, oil and gold which o verflow in the provinceâ?.
Gaddafi also urged them to use technology, science and other potentials across t he world to exploit these riches and take advantage of them since Darfur is part and parcel of Sudan with Chad and Libya as neighbouring countries.

25 august 2009 22:05:00

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