French NGOs adopt a common platform for WCAR

Paris- France (France) -- A number of French non-governmental organisations have adopted a common platform of demands to be presented at the World Conference Against Racism which opens next week in Durban, South Africa.
Officials of the NGOs said Wednesday that their delegates to the conference would defend the demands which, essentially, relate to fundamental rights of the black community in Metropolitan France and French territories overseas.
According to one of the officials, their demands concern institutional racism and violations of human rights by the state apparatus against the black community.
"When a black comes face to face with state services such as the police or judiciary, he is subjected to a special type of treatment because of the colour of his skin", Joss Rovélos of Sud-PTT union told PANA.
For instance, Rovélos recalled the outcome of a legal case in which a black girl lost against black policemen she accused of raping her while in detention.
"All this is unfortunate and we will take advantage of the Durban conference to say so en masse", he added.
France's black community had set up an action group, led by Cameroonian writer Calixe Beyala and humorist Dieudonné M'Bala-M'Bala, to defend their demands for improved access of the "visible minorities" to the public service media.
Since the demands have not had the expected reaction from the French authorities, some of the initiators of the said platform intend to seize the opportunity provided by the WCAR to raise the same issues once again.

23 august 2001 14:26:00

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