Francophonie mayors to engage in AIDS control programmes

Port Louis- Mauritius (PANA) -- The International Association of Francophonie Mayors (AIMF) said it would start supporting AIDS control programmes in African Francophone countries, Port Louis mayor, Moorgesh Veerabadren, said Tuesday.
"This is a highly appreciated decision.
AIMF will spend 50 percent of its budget under this item," the mayor told journalists on his return from an AIMF symposium in Mali.
Veerabadren said that as far as the infrastructure was concerned, Port Louis was far ahead of most of the capitals of Francophone African countries.
Giving the example of Mali, he noted that "there was no public transport system in the Malian capital and to reach Bamako, the population must use private cars.
" Regarding his impressions on the Malian economy, he said: "What is happening in Mali is informal, whereas Mauritius has an organised economy, which has enabled it to make progress in all sectors.
" The next AIMF meeting is scheduled for September in Beiry, Lebanon, where the Francophonie conference will be held alongside it, he said.

02 أبريل 2002 23:15:00

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