Francophonie delegation visits Comoros

Moroni- Comoros (PANA) -- A delegation of experts from the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF) is visiting Comoros to support its Constitutional Court in preparing the 2006 presidential election.
OIF secretary general Abdou Diouf dispatched the delegation, which held discussions on Monday with Speaker Soudjay Hamadi of the Assembly in the autonomous island of Grand-Comoro.
Led by Prof.
Jean de Gaudusson, the delegation arrived here Wednesday on a weeklong mission.
After talks with the president of the Grand-Comoro Island, de Gaudusson said the delegation plans to hold similar talks with authorities in Moheli and Anjouan, the two other autonomous islands of the Comorian archipelago.
  "We and members of the Constitutional Court focused on a number of documents," de Gaudusson later said without, giving details.
Informed observers in Moroni said the OIF sent the delegation to exert discreet pressure on President Assoumani Azali to promulgate laws on the competence of the respective islands, including those on internal security and the justice system.
Receiving diplomats in Moroni on 6 July, Azali indicated his disagreement with a law recently adopted by parliament and endorsed by judges of the Constitutional Court.
Azali then severely criticised what he termed as "the ambiguous attitude of certain politicians who were opportunistically preaching national unity, while at the same time calling for a law to establish four armies, four judicial systems and the removal of any plans or heritage with a national character.

08 Agosto 2005 19:37:00

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