Francophonie Organisation set to undergo reforms

Bamako- Mali (PANA) -- The Secretary General of the International Organisation of the Francophonie (OIF) Abdou Diouf said reform proposals meant for presentation at the OIF ministerial session scheduled 22-23 November in Antananarivo aim at giving the organisation more visibility.
"The existence of the OIF and the Intergovernmental Agency of the Francophonie (AIF) on the other cause much confusion in minds of people.
I regularly receive letters whereby people express difficulties in finding their marks in the current institutional structure," he told journalists here Sunday.
"It is time to gather the entire Francophonie in a single organ to ensure that is better understood.
The reform will maintain the major operators of OIF.
But my role will be to ensure a better synergy between them by animating the entire Francophonie cooperation," the former Senegalese leader said.
He commended the Francophone solidarity, recalling OIF's contribution in resolving crises and assisting democratic transition in Comoros and the Central African Republic (CAR).
"I will cite Comoros among the most beautiful successes in the intervention of OIF in crisis resolution and the assistance in political transitions.
We have helped the country out of crisis, contributed in developing fundamental laws and distributing of resources.
Today we are the best advocate for Comoros to international institutions," Diouf said.
"In Bangui, we were mandated to coordinate the observation of the elections.
We have provided decisive support to the Constitutional Court, the Electoral Commission and the media regulatory organs.
We continue even today to follow up the post- transitional period in the Central African Republic," he assessed.
Diouf said: "The Francophonie must today consider new concepts such as "responsibility to protect" and "non-indifference" toward anticipating political crises.
"The Declaration of Bamako has provided us with the legal and political means to intervene with efficiency without seeking to be outstanding, in managing crises and accompanying democratic transitions.
Henceforth, we want to anticipate crises through early alert mechanisms," he promised.
"In this regard, we are waiting with much interest the conclusions of the workshop on this key issue.
Very often, we see looming crises, we see the harbingers preceding them.
Time has certainly come to be able to act before crises break out," Diouf said.
The representatives of 63 OIF member states and governments are slated in two weeks in Madagascar to examine the Francophonie's greatest reform since being created in 1970 in Niamey, Niger.
The revamping of the Francophone institution, which was approved by the personal representatives of the heads of member states, is expected to strengthen the organisation's political dimension.
It is also slated to make the secretary general the only "boss" of OIF, suppressing AIF, which has its own general administrator in the current outfit.

07 novembre 2005 14:56:00

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