Francophonie Games for Niger in 2005

Niamey- Niger (PANA) -- The executive secretary of the Francophonie Games international committee, Michel Dach has expressed satisfaction to President Mamadou Tandja over Niger's choice by donors and the Francophone family to host the next Francophone Games in December 2005 in Niamey.
"The four-day festivities scheduled in four years will have positive impact on Niger," Dach told a press conference Monday following discussions with Tandja.
The government of Nigeria adopted the 5th Francophonie Games draft budget estimated at 21.
8 billion CFA francs (about 29.
7 million US dollars) last April.
According to an official release at the end of the Council of Ministers meeting, the budget is divided into two parts: The conventional part of the budget comprising 6.
09 billion francs would be financed equally by Niger and the Francophonie, while the complementary budget of 15.
7 million francs would be sought from bilateral and multilateral partners and the private sector.
The government feels the Games will boost Niger's credibility and image through the observance of its commitments and the quality of the reception offered to athletes, artists and tourists in the country.
Moreover, the Games will enable Niger to relaunch its economic activities as well as revive sports and cultural activities.
The amount will be allocated to the Games organisation, sites development (athletes' village), construction of necessary infrastructure, especially communication facilities.
According to the agenda, all studies should be completed by 2002, and infrastructure by 2004.
Around 3.
500 participants, mainly athletes and tourists, from 55 countries are expected in Niamey, which will host the games for the first time.

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