France wants transparent, credible referendum in South-Sudan

Paris, France (PANA) – France has advocated that the self-determination referendum planned for 9 January, 2011, in South-Sudan is held in the best possible conditions of transparency and credibility, the spokesperson of the French Foreign Affairs Ministry, Bernard Valero, declared Thursday in Paris.

Briefing newsmen, Valero underscored that the referendum constituted a fundamental stage in the implementation of the global inter-Sudanese peace agreement signed in 2005.

"France is following with attention the preparations of this referendum and supports the deployment of a European mission of electoral observation," he said.

More than three million South-Sudanese registered in the voters' register during the exercise that was closed Wednesday.

The South-Sudanese will vote on the maintaining or not of their province in the Federal State of Sudan.

Since the peace agreements of 2005, the South-Sudan has been administered by a semi-autonomous government, led by a former rebel chief, Salva Kiir, who equates his office with the functions of vice-president of Sudan.

09 december 2010 17:43:28

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