France: Paris urges Cameroonians to resolve internal crisis through dialogue

Paris, France (PANA) – Cameroonian political stakeholders should give priority to dialogue in finding a way out of the crisis prevailing between the government and the English-speaking secessionists, a spokesperson of the French foreign ministry, Agnès Romantet, said on Thursday.

"France pays attention to the situation in Cameroon, a partner country. We are concerned with the incidents that broke out at the weekend and we call for restraint among all political actors and the rejection of violence," Mrs Romantet said at a news briefing in the French capital.

"We encourage the resolution of the current tensions through dialogue, with a view to responding peacefully and in a concerted way, to the concerns of all parties, for the sake of the country’s unity and integrity," she added.

The English-speaking population zone in north-western and south-western Cameroon has for over a year  protested openly against their marginalisation by the Cameroonian government and demanded the return to federalism that was established between 1961 and 1972.

Early this year, in a bid to contain rising tension, Cameroonian authorities for three months cut protesting regions off the internet, but that measure fuelled more anger of the population. The situation deteriorated completely over the past few weeks as 1 October, the symbolic birthday of the Federal Republic of Cameroon in 1961 approached.

President Paul Biya, presently on vacation in Switzerland, has condemned "all forms of violence wherever it comes from, whoever its instigators" were and called for "dialogue."

From the anglophone sire, John Fru Ndi, chairman of Social Democratic Front (SDF), the main Cameroonian opposition party, rose up against the violence perpetrated by security forces against protesters and called for sanctions against those who gave the orders.

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