Four Killed in Kenyan Communal Clashes

Nairobi- Kenya (PANA) -- Communal clashes that last year claimed more than 100 lives in Kenya's south-eastern Tana District, flared up again this weekend with four deaths reported.
Local reports said 100 heavily armed bandits shot dead four people including an administration police officer in Bondeni village of the district Saturday.
The raiders, who police suspect to have come from the Orma community, also torched 27 houses and made away with 400 heads of cattle.
Disputes between pastoralists (made up of the Wadei and Orma communities) and Pokomo farmers over land and access to River Tana have led to frequent bloody clashes in which no less than 100 people have been killed on both sides.
Thousands of others have been rendered homeless.
President Daniel arap Moi undertook a peace mission to the area last week, during which he asked the police chief to rearm home guards and police reservists to check further fighting.
Tana River District Police Chief, Peter Muthike, confirmed the attacks, saying the administration police who died was among four other officers who had tried to repulse the attack.

13 january 2002 11:55:00

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