Four African Capitals for Teleconference on AIDS

Cotonou- Benin (PANA) -- A teleconference on AIDS, with participants in four African capitals and Washington in the United States, will be held Wednesday and Thursday.
Seven public health experts from Howard University in Washington arrived in Cotonou Monday to take part in the conference at Benin National University.
Other participants of the teleconference will be in Accra (Ghana), Dakar (Senegal), Kampala (Uganda) and Washington.
According to organisers of the conference, the UN African Futures Forum, it aims at sharing experience in what different countries are doing to fight the disease.
Statistics released by Benin's National AIDS Control Programme show that at least 50 persons are infected with the HIV daily.
Currently, the prevalence rate of AIDS in the country is estimated at 4 percent.
Projections, however, indicate that the rate would reach 10 percent in 2025 if the epidemic is contained.
In case the spread of the disease is out of control, the prevalence rate would by then shoot up to 20 percent.
The prevalence rate in Benin's school environment varies betwen 0.
3 and 0.
8 percent in some districts, but rural areas are the most affected.
The NACP and the Ministry of Public Health say HIV prevalence rate has reached 80 percent in the central Zou district and 13 percent in the south-east Mono district.

21 may 2001 19:54:00

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