Former minister appointed national mediator

Brazzaville- Congo (PANA) -- President Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo on Thursday appointed former transport minister Hilaire Mounthault to be the national mediator.
Mounthault was minister of Transports from 1979 to 1984 during Sassou Nguesso's first presidency.
He was also a member of the political bureau of the Congolese Labour Party (PCT) when it was the sole party in Congo.
When multiparty democracy was introduced in 1991, Mounthault joined the Union for Democracy and Social Progress headed by the former mayor of Pointe-Noire, Jean-Pierre Thystere Tchicaya.
However, the party suspended his membership in 1998 after he was nominated as a member of the National Transition Council the country's transitional Parliament.
Until his latest appointment, Monthault was vice-chairman of the transitional parliament's financial and economic commission.
Announcing the appointment in Brazzaville after a cabinet meeting, government spokesman François Ibovi, did not explain why Mounthault was given the post.
The former minister had moved closer to the PCT and took an active part in the 1999 peace agreement, which ended the civil war in involving government forces backing the former President Pascal Lissouba and militiamen of the man who deposed him, Denis Sassou Nguesso.
The national mediator is a constitutional institution whose role is to promote harmonious relations between the administration and citizens.

03 august 2001 20:59:00

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