Former Renamo guerrillas cleared of threats in Mozambique

Inhaminga- Mozambique (PANA) -- The district permanent secretary of Cheringoma, i n the central Mozambican province of Sofala, Silvestre Muriane, has said the gue r rillas of the former rebel movement, Renamo, no longer posed a threat to the sec u rity of the local residents or development of the district.
After the peace agreement of 1992, the armies of both the government and Renamo were to be demobilised, prior to the formation of a new, unified Mozambican Defe n ce Force (FADM), PANA reports, quoting the country's news agency, AIM.
However, Renamo never fully demobilised.
In Cheringoma and the neighbouring district of Maringue, Renamo has kept an ille gal force, of perhaps a couple of hundred men, on the grounds that these are a " P residential Guard", needed to protect its leader, Afonso Dhlakama (although he h a rdly ever sets foot in this part of the country).
This Renamo force has been responsible for sporadic violent incidents over the p ast decade and a half, but Cheringoma is now calm.
Muriane said the former Renamo guerrillas were now living normally alongside oth er Cheringoma residents and are involved in agricultural production and petty tr a ding.
Muriane said they have been selling foodstuffs from informal stalls and even coo perate with the police in arresting suspected criminals.

24 october 2008 19:32:00

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