Foreign Ministers Begin Charter Review

TRIPOLI- Libya (PANA) -- African foreign ministers meet Monday evening in Tripoli to thrash out a draft review of the 36-year-old OAU charter to bring it up to date as the continent enters the new millennium.
Libyan officials say the issue enhancing African unity has become an imperative considering the emergence of economic blocs in Europe and elsewhere.
"Unity is an economic necessity.
We need to work together, otherwise we will be marginalised and continue to be exploited by others," Ali Abdul-Salam al-Treiki, Libya's minister of state for foreign affairs, said.
According to him, Tuesday will see Libyan leader Col.
Moammar Kadhafi and his colleagues attending a grand military parade in Tripoli involving military contingents from 32 African countries, as a show of force of unity.
Al-Treiki said the heads of state and government will begin their deliberations on the work started by the ministers Wednesday and end Thursday in Sirte, 500 km east of Tripoli.
Khadafi is seeking amendments to the OAU charter to enable it accommodate the idea of a continental government which would eventually lead to a 'United States of Africa.
' Hundreds of posters throughout the Libyan capital remind visitors of the primary intention of the meeting.
"Yes, to a project for the United States of Africa," urges one poster, flying in the sea breeze.
"Africa has no ally but herself," another says.
Libya hopes the excitement generated by its enthusiasm to host the fourth extraordinary OAU summit in the history of the organisation will seriously tackle the issue of African unity.
At least 43 leaders have confirmed their participation.

06 september 1999 09:29:00

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