Follow-up committee meets on Burundi peace process

Bujumbura- Burundi (PANA) -- The Follow Up Committee on the peace process in Burundi is currently holding a working session in Arusha, Tanzania.
According to Burundi's minister in charge of the peace process, Ambroise Niyonsaba, the meeting that opened on Wednesday, is sizing up implementation of the Arusha peace agreement.
It is also discussing plans to move the secretariat of the Follow-up Committee from Arusha to Bujumbura.
Explaining the secretariat's decision to move office, Niyonsaba said "if an agreement is to be implemented in Burundi, it was but logical that the committee following up its implementation be based in Burundi".
He further argued that setting up office in Burundi would show that the committee was itself convinced about prospects for lasting in the country.
Several members of the inter-Burundi follow-up committee live in exile, insisting on guarantees for their safety as a condition for their return home, including the deployment of a foreign peace-keeping force in Burundi.
Four African countries - Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal and Ghana - have indicated their willingness to contribute troops to a peacekeeping force in Burundi.
However, informed observers any such deployment depends on a consolidation of the cease fire agreement.

16 august 2001 10:24:00

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