Flights resume at Kigali Int'l Airport after bad weather forced hours of shutdown

Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - Rwandan aviation authorities on Friday announced that air traffic has gradually restarted after all international and domestic flights were suspended for several hours due to bad weather.

The official statement issued in Kigali said that all diverted flights are now returning to Kigali as visibility at Kigali International Airport has now improved.

Bud despite the resumption, many passengers have experienced delays in their flight as a result of flight backlog.

Rwanda's National Carrier, RwandAir, noted that there will be delays on scheduled flights.

The issues Thursday and Friday came after bad weather wreaked havoc on air travel, with a massive number of delays and cancellations.

During the problem, flights from Dubai and Harare were diverted to Entebbe (Uganda).

The bad weather also affected the smaller domestic airports in the Central East African country, reports said.

One flight scheduled to land at the Rwanda's domestic airport, located in Kamembe (South West) near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was diverted on Friday, the statement said.

Since January 2016,  all flights using Kigali International Airport rely on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), a new digital navigation system, in a move to meet world-class aviation standards.

The new system guides pilots during completion of initial climb to cruise altitude and completion of controlled descent to the initial approach fix, according to the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority (RCAA).
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