Fifty transport workers attend AIDS open days

Kinshasa- DR Congo (PANA) -- At least 50 transport operators including drivers attended open days in Kinshasa organised by the "Fondation Femmes Plus" a non-governmental organisation that offers counselling to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Established in July 1994 by a group of women, FFP presently counsels over 1,500 HIV positive people helping them to "live positively in society".
The FFP executive director Bernadette Mulelebwe said at the opening ceremony that the objective of the two-day event was to raise the workers' knowledge about how the fatal pandemic spreads.
She said the aim was to encourage transport workers to avoid risky behaviour, which helps to spread HIV and other STDs.
The United Nations recently declared AIDS as a "global disaster" particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where it is rapidly spreading.
Mulelebwe said the transport sector had been chosen because its workers, particularly drivers have sex with occasional partners during their work.
The theme of the open days was "the impact of AIDS on national development; the case of the transport sector".
A sketch entitled "What is wrong with her" and a film entitled "Living positive" were shown to participants.

02 may 2001 16:23:00

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