Fidel Castro wants appropriate compensation for injustices

Durban- South Africa (PANA) -- Cuban President Fidel Castro on Saturday strongly called for appropriate compensation for all the injustices that Black populations, American Indians and the Aborigines of Africa, America and Asia suffered throughout history.
Speaking during the general debate in a plenary session of the World Conference Against Racism, Castro cited that those who have boycotted the Durban Conference or tried in vain to sabotage it, did not hesitate when the issue of paying compensation to the Jews came up.
"They would never have feared UN documents if they were convinced that their position was valid," he said, in a clear reference to the US government, which sent a symbolic representation to Durban.
"Asking for compensation against acts of injustice suffered can in no way be seen as expressing a feeling of revenge," he explained.
Over 70 million aborigines were sacrificed during the conquest and colonisation of the Americas while 4.
5 billion people of the Third-World are reeling under abject poverty and unemployment in the world because a certain group of people assigned itself the right to exterminate other people, according to Castro.
"Racism is not a natural human instinct.
It is rather a social, cultural and political phenomenon, resulting from war and the exploitation of peoples at one time of history or another", he observed.
Thus, Castro appealed for Durban to serve as the beginning of a "strong mobilisation for the peoples' struggle for compensation and restoration of the full human rights of all the populations that have been subdued, persecuted or exterminated in the past.
"Those who benefited from the slave trade and the malfeasance of history are today immensely wealthy and wasteful," Castro pointed out, saying their wealth keeps amassing in total impunity only to suppress millions and millions of individuals below the minimal living conditions within or outside their borders.
"This situation is unbearable even though I know that some of my African brothers believe that we should act carefully if we want to obtain something from this conference," he observed, adding that he, on the contrary, believes in the people's struggle, noble ideas and the truth.
"I believe in humankind.
And this prevents me from supporting their proposal," said the Cuban leader, who suggested that the conference work to ensure the acceptance of at least the levying of a tax on speculative operations.
Castro further said that experts believe that such a measure can generate about 100 billion dollars per annum, which is substantial enough to heal all the "open wounds of humanity".
"Today, the plunderers have abundant resources to pay off their debts to the rest of the world," Castro said.
"They control the banks and financial institutions.
Objectively, they have all the means to repair the enormous prejudices which they continue to cause to Blacks, tens of millions of immigrants, Latin-Americans as well as all the victims of discrimination simply because they don't want to share the enormous resources of humanity," he pointed out.

01 september 2001 18:47:00

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