FIFA to build regional soccer centre in Gambia

Banjul- Gambia (PANA) -- As part of efforts to develop talents, the world's football governing body, FIFA is to build a regional soccer education Centre in the Gambia, a Gambian football official has said.
Gabbi Sosseh, first Vice-President of the Gambia Football Association, (GFA) told PANA that the project followed an appeal to FIFA for assistance.
He said the world soccer body was now waiting for the GFA to come up with proposals on the project.
"This regional centre to be built in the province, will be of immense importance to the country's soccer development.
Talents abound in the Gambia, but our problem is lack of soccer schools," the GFA Technical Director, Musa Njie, added.
Sosseh also disclosed that FIFA is supporting the building of a permanent secretariat for GFA, in addition to the regular subvention of one million US dollars.

22 july 2001 18:18:00

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